Fixed Wing

1.  FAA Certified       2. EU / EASA, MAK / IAC (CIS origin) Certified      3.  Pending Certification

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FIREBOSS            Images:  See  Gallery         CONTACT  FIREBOSS

Specifications – see all:         Origin:  Air Tractor – Olney, Texas.   See:   Air Tractor  AT802 on Wikipedia.

ENGINE PT6AG-67AG 1350HP / PT6A-67F 1600 HP
Prop Hartzell 5-Blade c/s Reversing
Floats Wipline Model 10000 Amphibious
Foam Capacity 333 L / 88 gal Total132.5 L / float – 68 L Fusalage Tank35 gal / float – 18 gal Fuselage Tank
Foam Transfer System Automatic / Manual
Over-Temp/Torque Warning Visual and Aural
Hopper Quantity Pre-Select System Automatic/Manual
Gross Weight (take-off only) 7,257 kg / 16,000 Pounds
Maximum Landing Weight 5,216 kg / 11,500 Pounds
Approximate Empty Weight 3,765 – 3,900 kg8,300 – 8,600 lb
Approximate Useful Load 3,357 – 3,493 kg7,400 – 7,700 lb
Max Cruise Speed 150 KIAS
Stall Speed (VS10º 16,000 lb.) 75 KCAS
VSO 16,000 lb. 72 KCAS
Rate of Climb 272 m/min / 892 ft/min

The AT-802F’s computerized Pilot Interface System allows the pilot to select coverage levels ranging from .5 gallons to 4 gallons per 100 sq. ft., with coverage level 6.0 possible in salvo drops.




BERIEV ASTC    (Taganrog, Russia)

  Be-200   Details and Specifications   Video on Youtube

Beriev Be-200 on water

To see videos of the Be-200 in action, - click on the image.



Shinmaywa  US2  (Japan)        Type:    Four engine,  turboprop, amphibian.

Shinmaywa website – specifications and contact info.

Shinmaywa US2  Four Engine Turboprop Amphibian

Click to see on Wikipedia - Shinmaywa US2 Four Engine Turboprop Amphibian


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