Media Kit

Fireplanes  -Empire Package- “Own the Realmeverything currently offered:
 1 – 12 month, Full Page advertorials on Fireplanes with your content;   plus,
 – One Sponsor Page banner ad with links / 12 months
 – Banner ad includes an article-inserted text ad / permanent
 – 5 random links on Fireplanes content
 – Geo targeted keyword campaigns with thousands spent in cost per click ads across the major search engine display networks by AD&M Online Services  (expect 100K – 1 Million+ impressions by the right people).
– Guarantees search – relevant ad views and multiple page views which are reported monthly.
– Call for customized services at the Empire level!  We can use your content, or “do it all” for you.
Base Prices:  Empire Packages Monthly cost:  $1000.00 – Annual cost:   $10,000.00
  Added value for Empire – level sponsors who are Aircraft Manufacturers and MRO companies:  
    – Upon request, we will put your content in a permanent page on our partner site, which is searched up across the globe and, a lifetime Free Unlimited account on adbirds.
Fireplanes Value Package – ($1200.00)
One 12-month Sponsor Page banner ad , one permanent article based textual line ad (included),  5 random permanent text links on Fireplanes articles (included).
Fireplanes Line Ads  ($250.00 each)
Permanently inserted and linked content, up to 70 characters (give or take a couple), to fit.  Line Ads are forever,  to be inserted into assigned articles by investigative journalists or staff reporters.
Fireplanes Word Links  ($100 each)
Permanently inserted links to your website, a landing page, or full page ad.
We appreciate every bit of support!
Contact Us to order, for account setup, billing or questions.
You many also call at your convenience:  (512) 796-5339
Thank you for supporting!
– Randall F. Stephens
   Founder and Publisher is owned and operated by AD&M Publications
AdBirds Design & Market Inc.  POB 170189 Austin, TX  78717
To place orders send us an adbirds contact form or call: (512) 796-5339.

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