new fireplanes – here and now please

aerial fire fighting conference 2012 sacramento california fireplanes

presenting: Aircraft From Russia and the CIS - New Policy for public use would save lives.

Aerial Firefighting
International Airshow and Conference

25th-26th January 2012

Lions Gate Hotel, Garden Pavilion & McClellan Airfield, Sacramento, USA.

“Bilateral Agreements re. Aircraft From Russia and CIS” – Presentation


Welcome to Fireplanes!

Fireplanes is the new not-for-profit publishing venture dedicated to providing factual information and informed opinions on the topic of wildfire mitigation with an emphasis on aerial fire fighting aircraft and policy affecting the commercial operations of vehicles designed or modified to save lives.

California now has a brother named Texas, who understands wildfire.  We don’t want to see another year of losses such as those our colleagues and neighbors experienced during the fires in Bastrop County, Austin and across Texas.

Learn what you can do to inform, equip, and enlist people in the fight against wildfire.

You can follow Randall Stephens on Twitter.  He is a bit political there, without apology.  The war against fire is very political.  “Ignorance is our enemy and information is our weapon”.