FirePlanes has a mission, seeks sponsors.

Dear potential sponsor,
“Fireplanes” is dedicated to informing the public and decision makers – appointed or elected, about wildfire prevention,  mitigation,  and the tools needed to fight a growing public menace,  “to save lives and property”.
 New technologies and aircraft are available,  and there are better ways to fund fire agencies at every level.
 Wildfire Researcher and well known writer, Tony Morris has just come on board. 

Writer, Tony Morris,  Wildfire Research Network,  Aerial Fire Fighting,  Grumman Albatros

Tony Morris in Italy, with Grumman Albatros
Photo by Ricardo Fillipi

We plan to hire investigative writers, upgrade this domain’s offerings,  providing targeted social networking and keyword ad campaigns to direct traffic in order to to Fireplanes to accomplish our mission.
 A 12-month banner ad on Fireplanes with top-level sponsor page banner and website link is currently available for only $1200.00 per year.
(Empire Package, 12 month full page advertorials are available for leading manufacturers, as per our Media Kit, and offer combined elements with your content, with geo-targeted keyword campaigns that guarantee millions of impressions and thousands of page-views.  Our  “Empire” campaigns are closely coordinated with your marketing team).
Banner ads run chronologically for 12 months.   Your banner rotates to the top of the sponsor page; and,
Sponsor Page banner subscribers will also get one textual ad  like the following….
Singular text ads like the above line,  currently cost only $250.00 each, and will remain with the article permanently.  We will never link to “x rated” content.     Contact us to inquire for current specials or a media kit.
Publishers:  Let me tell you about our “links with rewards”.   Our parent company,  AD&M’s  adbirds also has an affiliate program for publishers and a marketing incentives program that will provides award and prize values scaled to grow with the company.   Contact us to set up your affiliate account with click – through and visual campaign coupons.
“Thank you for your support”!
-Randall Stephens
 Please share this and support    –  Information “To save lives and property” 

Find us:
AD&M Publications – POB 170189  Austin, TX  78717   Phone (512) 796-5339

About Fireplanes
Fireplanes is dedicated to providing valuable information about the aircraft, technology, policy and resources about wildfire and the aerial firefighting industry. is "Information to save lives and property". Please share with your friends, family, colleagues and representatives at every level. - Randall Stephens, Publisher / Austin, Texas.

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