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Fireplanes Employment page has added,  employers can get free links when they place ads.  See page for more information on links and advertising policy.

About Fireplanes
Fireplanes is dedicated to providing valuable information about the aircraft, technology, policy and resources about wildfire and the aerial firefighting industry. Fireplanes.org is "Information to save lives and property". Please share with your friends, family, colleagues and representatives at every level. - Randall Stephens, Publisher / Austin, Texas.

3 Responses to Employment page added at Fireplanes

  1. Craig Haws says:

    Do you take listings for Truck driving school

  2. Craig Haws says:

    The problem with our fire fighting, all agencies operating on thier own agenda and set of rules and budget. Of all these agencies the total number of employee’s I,000,030,000.0
    In short we have one million overseeing and micro managing 27,000 that actualy fight the fires,
    maybe we need another “Quadrennial Review”. Or prehaps The Rand Corp has all the answers, afterall they do have the expertise or is it just the money! Back in the early 70’s I had some respect for the Forest Service, they did not bury you in regulatory jungle of safety crap or micro manage the flying from some obsecure cubicle. Most of the pilots I know in this business are very skilled and dedicated to the mission. No two fires are the same and there is no text book procedure that covers every sitution. It still amazes me that I need to be told what the conditions are by someone on the ground are some “Lead Plane” rocketing thru in a powerful light twin and for the most part have no experience in a heavly loaded bomber. We do have windows in the front of these Bombers.

    It’s time to call BS on this whole game, starting with the USFS. First it was the coruption scandal back in the late 80’s and still is going on today only in a slight different form, It’s called purchasing influence, Yes that is how one Aircraft Manfacturing Rep explained it to Me (“We spread the money around in the approipate places, Purchasing influence is how it work’s don’t you know that.) Look at the the lobby money spent on the USFS By Lockheed on the C-130J proposal.

    In the case of Aero Union terminating the contract for 7 P-3’S without readily available replacement’s is totaly irresponsable. Then look the way they treat DC-10 group. In a recent internal audit of the USFS they claim that they are suffering from ” Regulitory Praralysis”.There went the inital attack to some cubical for a lenthty committee decision process and 6-7 ageny’s positioning. ( we always were airborn in less tha 20 minutes nor did we have to have a paper dispatch in hand,arrival at a fire ASAP was paramount). In the case of the DC-10 I was told it was’nt USFS approved yet even thou the FAA, Boing/Douglas and NASA had given thier blessings, who are these people ?? More obfistcation will not make this job any safer. There will always be the inherent risk assoiated with flying a heavy into a fire. Unlike sending a 19yr old GI into Afganistan , who is ensuring thier safety ! are they really protecting the country or just political position. At least flying on fries has a real worth and the people that do this accept the risk that helps protect people and property.

    The recent crash of a MAAF’s C-130 was tragic as was the CV-580 accident last year. Both aircraft have a TD (temperature data ) system and one of the controling inputs is the TIT. So when the TIT starts to rise to the limit the system takes away fuel. Passing low over a large fire could all but shut the engines down for 30-40 seconds. Not a real good way to depart from a fire. It’s not always the pilots failure to maintain terrain clearance.

    The USFS has only working on this up-grade problem for TEN years now, just what in the hell do we pay them for. THE ANSWER FOR NOW IS NOT 10 more C-130’s a one size fits all mentallity. Give me some BE-200’s (about the same cost as a CL-415) However they are not approved by the USFS. Go on YOU TUBE and watch them on fires 10 yrs ago. So what if they are made in Russia,I think the cold war has been over for some time. It would 5-7 yrs before we could get a plane like this in the air and then who knows how many yrs to certify it’s a proven fire truck until we can come up with something better to mitigate the losses and destruction why not. Oh I forgot it might not be safe.

    I could some it up quite short ” A dysfunctional mess” The country that put a man on the moon, built the SR-71, The B-747 and the list goes on. No longer has the ability to respond to this on going problem and it’s only going to get worse. If we ash can all the people from 7-8 agencys managing fire protection and form a national fire dept that can do the job and attack fire and hold them accountable then people in the ash can could join the private sector and contribute to the GNP. I guess Government bungling and fiasco’s are just reality now, how sad we have come to this.

    Just an old tanker dog reflecting on the last 40 yrs

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