FAA Grounds P2 Neptune Fleet for inspections

Yesterday I noticed the P2 Neptune had departed Austin Bergstrom International Airport.  Now I know why.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD)  mandating the former US Navy patrol planes dating from the 1950s be grounded pending inspection for wing cracks, after a 24 inch crack was found in a wing main spar.

P2 Neptune fleet grounded by FAA

The AD mandates inspection within one day of receipt of the Airworthiness Directive.

The number of available civil large air tankers in USA is currently at zero until inspections are completed, one by one.

Source:   Airworthiness Directive 2012 03-51 E

History:   P2 Neptune on Wikipedia

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One Response to FAA Grounds P2 Neptune Fleet for inspections

  1. Fireplanes says:

    Fireplanes has been informed the inspections called for in AD 2012-03-51E have been accomplished. The P2 fleet is currently operational.

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